At Fellah, this is our mission – and we deliver! In cooperation with Dar al-Ma’mûn, our on-site art center and library that serves both guests and the public, we proudly provide various workshops and activities.

Nature Connect.
Take a guided tour of the Fellah gardens and surrounding fields to learn about the benefits of nature. Part of this experience includes each child getting to tend a part of the garden by planting seeds or herbs like mint and rosemary, and learning how to give the necessary nutritional care.

The Fellah Educational Farm.
Groom the donkeys, pet the rabbits. This small, but actual, working farm gives a real taste of rural life.

Artistic Awakening.
Presented by our Dar al-Ma’mûn artists in residence, children learn about and create take-home works in a variety of mediums and techniques like collage, drawing, architecture, painting, and cartooning.

African Tales.
Children will be fascinated, entertained, and (shh!) educated as a true Malian griot or poet storyteller recounts the most magical stories of the African continent!

Boxing for kids.
In our hurry-up world, Fellah has especially designed sessions for children to help them learn to exteriorize, unwind and use their energy in a good and positive way.