Authentic. Singular. Cool. FELLAH is a vibrant hotel just outside of Marrakech.

Impeccable service, noteworthy dining and sumptuous amenities team up with yoga classes, a tree house and our small working farm where guests can actually gather eggs, groom a donkey or milk a goat.

Luxury. Culture. Dreams. Come to Fellah and experience our vision for yourself.

Dar al-Ma'mûn

Through culture and education we can come together and create real change in the world. Working together through cultural awareness and social diversity.

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Our eco-friendly, artistic and Hammam-style guest experiences will transport you to another place.

Yet we remain firmly connected by our sense of place as each guest’s check-in contributes a portion to Dar al-Ma’mûn, an UNESCO recognized art center and library that provides cultural education and activities for our local village.  In fact, many of our Fellah associates are also village residents.

We’re driven by a passion to share our rich Moroccan heritage through our contemporary vision of the future.